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Crisis & Forensic

Between 2001 and 2013 Adrian provided professional support for Northamptonshire Police, focusing upon firearms, intelligence, informant handling, child protection and domestic violence specialists.  He provided internal reviews concerning 'struggling' departments and consulted with the Chief Officer group, particularly on the themes of risk and value plus  



Crisis Negotiations


In 2005 he was invited to become an external consultant to the

hostage & crisis negotiation team and was brought into the field

on difficult situations from 2007.  He was awarded his hostage

negotiation shield in 2012, following five years input and no loss

of life.  He continues as a response consultant but has now

branched out to offer this independently


Adrian has had extensive training experience through exercises

involving Northamptonshire, Essex, Derbyshire, Leicestershire,

Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire police forces, including threat

of suicide, kidnap and extortion and hostage and siege situations.

In addition he has significant field experience in live situations.

His particular genres are 'domestic' sieges, those with a forensic element and extreme situations 


  • Independent assessment offered with absolute discretion and confidentiality

  • Ongoing consultancy during a situation

  • Debriefing post incident



Forensic Mediation & Reparation


Adrian can provide occasional external consultancy in this difficult and challenging field and can undertake sensitive and challenging situations with the utmost of discretion. 


His work has been reported in The Independent by Simon Denison: 'It was like a scene from a gangland movie.  Two brothers, bitter enemies and each backed by a handful of supporters, had come face to face in a public bar in Kettering.  It was their first meeting since an incident three months earlier when the older man was viciously beaten up by his brother.  But another man was present, who had arranged the meeting, and who was determined to have the matter settled peaceably.  Adrian Wright had come with the approval of the local police force.  Taking the brothers aside he sat them down and encouraged them to get their grievances off their chests.  Before long 'A' apologised for the assault and then 'B' apologised for any part he had played in developing the quarrel.  'B' was happy to receive the apology and let the matter rest.  His brother, he says, is a changed person. "Once he apologised it was all right.  The way I see it you shouldn't get your own brother done.  I's calmed down a lot, and we're now quite friendly", he says'        




Forensic Overview


With a keen eye for noting themes, links and incongruities, 

Adrian has utilised lateral concepts to help crime investigators

validate or alter their approach both at home and abroad.  He specialises

in situations that appear to be highly unusual and baffling and is well

versed in operating sensitively, yet proactively





Critical Incident Stress Debriefs




Adrian gained formal training through Northamptonshire police in critical incident stress debriefing in 2002.  He has had extensive experience in this area and was involved in the Soham (Cambridgeshire) debriefings and many serious incidents in Northamptonshire 


He also provides debriefs for Capita and in the last few years has been called in to assist within the insurance sector, the field of sports and the entertainments industry



Adrian Wright Family mediator
Adrian Wright Family mediator
Adrian Wright Family mediator
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