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Adrian Wright MSc AMCM FMCA CQSW DipCouns

Adrian is one of the UK’s most eclectic mediators and is at the cutting

edge of mediation and negotiation development as a practitioner,

manager, trainer and consultant, having experience in seven different

jurisdictions, including the training of senior judges in Slovenia, family

lawyers in Ireland and the Channel Islands and mixed professions in

Portugal and Ukraine





Starting his mediation career in the forensic field, after substantive experience as a probation officer and training in psychodrama, he successfully developed and directed the Northants Reparation Bureau, providing consultancy for a number of Police and Probation areas and occasional lectures/workshops at Bramshill Police Staff College in the 1980s and 1990s. During this time he gained a MSc in Criminology & Criminal Justice at Loughborough University and a Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy, and became vice-chair of Northamptonshire Victim Support. His work was portrayed on the Jimmy Young Show amongst a flurry of media interest


In 1995 he became an accredited family mediator with the Family Mediators Association (FMA) drawing upon experience in divorce court welfare and his training in marital interaction at the Tavistock Institute. He then became a leading professional practice consultant (PPC) for the FMA and Resolution, and was the first PPC/mediator to become recognised in All Issues Mediation by the Legal Aid Agency in 1998, and was immediately appointed as a Mediator Assessor (one of ten currently assessing for the Family Mediation Council)


Adrian was the FMA PPC co-ordinator for 11 years until 2011 and advised the Board on professional practice. During this period he successfully developed the 'licensing' of mediators and the 'preparation to practice route' as well as producing the PPC handbook. He continues to provide PPC for ADRg, FMA, College of Mediators and Resolution mediators. He is an external PPC to twelve family mediation contract holders, all of whom are highly successful and fully compliant


He trained as a civil & commercial mediator with ADRg in 2003 and has subsequently trained and assessed over 150 aspiring mediators drawn from commercial, diplomatic and legal backgrounds in this genre


Adrian provided consultancy for the Legal Aid Agency during the early Family mediation pilots and was part of the training team ‘rolling out’ Family Advice & Information Networks 


He trained as a child and a family consultant in 2004 with FMA and completed the full Collaborative Law training in 2005 through Resolution to work alongside collaborative lawyers. He is a specialist in helping lawyers develop conflict resolution skills and working in a multi-disciplinary way


Adrian has been a leading trainer in family mediation since 1995 on both foundation and advanced courses.  He jointly developed a revised 8 days foundation training programme for FMA, followed by an intensive 6 days programme and, through this, helped considerably increase the membership of FMA between 2008 and 2011


He has also had the distinction of training the most distinguished senior judges in England & Wales, and delegates from the leading legal firms and barristers chambers. Since 2012 he has been the lead trainer for the ADRg/BarCouncil partnership and has introduced TOLATA situations into foundation training following the running of a highly successful hybrid mediation course with Henry Brown in 2011


In 2013 Adrian became an approved trainer of the Family Mediation Council in his own right, via The College of Mediators, and now provides his own unique and visionary courses











Between 2001 and 2013 Adrian provided professional support for Northamptonshire Police, focussing upon firearms, intelligence and undercover specialists, in addition to child protection and domestic violence detectives. During this period he trained in defusion techniques and critical incident stress debriefing. He provided internal reviews and consulted with the Chief Officer group, particularly on the themes of risk and value plus. In 2005 he was invited to become an external consultant to the hostage & crisis negotiation team and was brought into the field on difficult situations from 2007. He was awarded his hostage negotiation shield in 2012, following five years input (and no loss of life or serious injury). He continues as a consultant but has now branched out to offer this independently


By ensuring he maintains his practice experience as an independent hybrid mediator and negotiator, Adrian brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to those seeking exceptional and individually bespoked conflict resolution and specific, or multi-application, mediation/negotiation training & professional development



Adrian Wright Family mediator
Adrian Wright Family mediator

Adrian believes in value plus and helping individuals and groups reach their potential.  Most conflict can be positively harnessed and turned into an oppportunity but how it is managed is critical.  It is this ability, along with challenge, creativity,  realistic reality testing and risk assessment that marks Adrian out from his contemporaries  

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