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Divorce & Separation

Adrian provides, independent, confidential and professional guidance to individuals and couples experiencing separation and/or divorce. Helping people access appropriate support, gain expert opinion and explore a range of options to resolve their issues, Adrian's four main areas of work are: 









                                                                                 Child Consultation









Many people feel confused, uncertain, unsupported and fearful when separating

and divorcing.  This is where a careful assessment of the situation and

appropriate guidance can be invaluable in saving enormous amounts of stress,

distress and financial costs


Guidance can be provided from a multi-dimensional perspective:


Addressing practical, material and emotional needs


Identifying when other appropriate professional inputs are needed such as

the optimum time to access competent financial and legal services etc







Individuals often require objective support during their separation and divorce situation.  For some it is because they feel very alone and unsupported.  Others may have excellent family, friendship and even professional assistance from a lawyer, but nevertheless feel they would benefit from an independent 'sounding board', particularly if they feel they are receiving conflicting views and feel under pressure to please everyone


Support provision includes:


Being able to access support in moments of panic/crisis


Having a safe and confidential place to consider and reflect upon the progress of their case


Being able to develop coping mechanisms during a difficult personal transition


Improving communication techniques including assertiveness and negotiating ability







Family mediation is offered to discerning couples who require utmost

confidentiality and who are sufficiently motivated to settle their

mutually acknowledged issues/problems.  These may include:


Capital and financial arrangements


Children's arrangements*


Both capital and financial and children's arrangements (all issues)


Adrian is careful to thoroughly assess each potential case for mediation to ensure there is a high percentage chance of a successful outcome.  He can therefore bespoke the model of mediation to suit the situation


As an approved provider of Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) Adrian can assess mediation suitability for  individuals  wishing to make a court application and who are required to attend a MIAM


*In 2018 Adrian developed the 'full individual child information model' (see Family Law Journal, October 2018) which he provides



Child Inclusive Mediation










In children's issues it can be very beneficial for children to have a voice in the divorce and separation process.  That is for their thoughts, fears and hopes to be expressed so that their considerations can be understood by parents when arrangements are being determined.  Adrian has developed an effective seven stage model of child consultation that he has introduced in England, Northern Ireland, Portugal and the Ukraine


Consultation can be provided for children 10 years and over with the consent of both parents and the children.  The consultation is normally confined to one session and children are seen individually (also with siblings if this is appropriate, with feedback given immediately in mediation)


The consultation is undertaken on a confidential basis in that the child will be able to determine what is to be reported back to their parents  

Adrian Wright Family mediator
Adrian Wright Family mediator
Adrian Wright Family mediator

"Adrian, your guidance saved us a lot of hassle.  You listened to us, drafted a route map and put us in touch with really effective solicitors and an independent financial advisor.  We sorted out our stuff civilly and fast and understand we saved quite a few thousand!  Sincere thanks"   J & S


"To Adrian.  With grateful thanks for your help and support during a difficult time. Kind regards"  N


"Thank you Adrian for bringing us to reality and helping us find a way forward in our unusual situation.  We got our consent order, we sorted the pictures and the kids are much more settled.  Mediation was tough but you did say 'there's no gain without pain'.  We have gained and wish you to know the significant part you played  P & A 


"Dear Adrian, S wanted you to know that you are a man of your word and she valued the opportunity to talk with you.  She is much happier knowing me and her dad are talking again and are listening to her needs.  Thank you once again"  L    



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