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Professional Support

Adrian has shown the abilty to consistently deliver high quality professional practice consultancy (supervision) to mediators who are willing to apply themselves and operate ethically and within the code of practice of their training organisations
He qualified as a professional practice consultant  (ppc) through the FMA in 1996 and then through a jointly badged course with Resolution.  This followed his achievement in gaining FMA accreditation in 1995
Adrian became the first family mediator/ppc to successfully gain all issues competence recognition with the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) in March 1998 when he led the Northants group of family mediators.  He then became one of the original Family Mediation Council assessors and still continues in this role, having assessed over 250 family mediators since 1998.  He has also initiated and developed foundation and advanced training for ppcs both at home and abroad and he has also acquainted himself with the Law Society route to achieving LAA all issues competence
From 2000-2011 Adrian was the ppc co-ordinator for FMA and he successfully
developed over sixty ppcs. He initiated the development of LAA compliant forms for
ppcs, systems for mediators to gain experience of publicly funded cases and a ppc
handbook.  He provided the Board with consultation in relation to practice standards
and improvements and ensured an accreditation system stayed in place
From 2012 - 2014 Adrian became the lead trainer for the ADRg/ Bar Council
partnership & successfully trained over 150 barristers, including some of the leading
chambers.  Adrian is currently a member of The College of Mediators and Resolution
and sits on the college professional standards committee.
In addition to individual ppc provision Adrian has successfully helped support over twenty extremely successful 
mediation businesses both in the wholly privately funded sector and in the publicly funded sector as an external consultant
Adrian Wright Family mediator

What can be covered


  • Providing tips, ideas and guidance for gaining work and developing niche practices

  • Discussing general professional practice matters arrising in mediation cases

  • Reviewing and discussing changes in legislation and standards

  • Encouraging relevant reading and dissemination of research findings

  • Identifying appropriate approaches and the most  effective model of mediation in unusual and chalenging situations

  • Clarifying professional learning needs and planning effective professional practice development

  • Validating the aquisition of continuing professional development (CPD) points and supervision hours per year

  • Delivering CPD training, as an accredited trainer of The College of Mediators 

  • Evaluating and approving mediation summaries & checking files

  • Ensuring the standards of regulatory bodies are upheld

  • Assisting, guiding and supporting when complaints are made

  • Supporting during difficult personal circumstances, where work may be impacted



"Thank you for your valuable insights, the techniques worked and the case completed successfully" MC


"You kept me to task but in a very supportive manner.  It was a tough process and I'm sure  you'll be pleased to hear I got my full AIM recognisition with some lovely comments from the assessors.  Sincere thanks"   AM


"Adrian, I just wanted to thank you for all of your support and guidance.  The LAA auditors have given a clean bill of health and commended us on our systems and there is no clawback whatsoever!  Looking forward to seeing you next month"  LK

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